NFL Abandons Proposal to Incentivize Minority Hiring through Draft: Report


NFL owners have reportedly shelved a plan that would have awarded improved draft picks to teams that hire and retain candidates of color.

The proposal, first reported last week, was to be voted on by the league's 32 owners on Tuesday -- but instead was tabled, according to Jim Trotter of

The move to table such a plan is not uncommon and is typically done when the owners think a policy has little chance of being approved by vote, according to columnist Judy Battista.

The proposal -- framed as an update to the league's famous Rooney Rule, which in 2003 mandated interviews for minority candidates for all head coaching openings -- was met with tepid enthusiasm by black figures in the NFL community.

Former Bucs and Colts head coach Tony Dungy said it could create an unintended dynamic where black coaches and executives could be suspected of having been hired merely to meet a quota. Former Vikings and Patriots tight end and WEEI host Jermaine Wiggins said it was a "joke."

The failed proposal came as the league grapples with sobering statistics on minority hiring despite a majority non-white player pool, a reality which Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged prior to the annual Super Bowl extravaganza in February.

It was unclear whether the league was considering other policies along the same lines.

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