Social media reacts to helmet-to-helmet penalty a week after refs botched same call for Browns


This time, they called it.

A week after the referees missed a blatant helmet-to-helmet that arguably cost the Cleveland Browns the game – it certainly cost them a chance to score a touchdown – almost the exact same thing happened in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Packers wide receiver Davante Adams was running down the sideline toward the end zone when Bucs corner Carlton Davis lowered his head and made contact with Adams – who also lowered his head as well, for what it’s worth – knocking him out of bounds at the 5-yard line.

Davis was called for the penalty, setting up a first-and-goal from the Tampa 2-yard line instead of the five.

Everyone’s minds immediately went back to last week’s Browns-Chiefs game and NFL fans, media and players all seemed to have something to say about the call, with Browns fans especially dismayed.

Others took more issue with the fact that Adams lowered his helmet, too, making it practically impossible for the defender to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact.

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