NFL Network reporter suspended after hawking grooming product on social media: report


One of the NFL's in-house journalists has apparently run afoul of rules about product endorsements.

Reporter Ian Rapoport released a statement to Pro Football Talk on Friday night saying he was recently suspended after he'd "posted something to my social channels without clearance from NFL Network, which was against its guidelines."

The lack of details on the ominous-sounding report spurred all manner of speculation on social media.

But a follow-up report by the news site said Rapoport earned the slap on the wrist for posting an unauthorized commercial to his Instagram account -- for a male grooming product.

The issue over the ad, the article said, was not its content, which apparently featured "the usual puns" and camp associated with commercials for similar products targeting younger male audiences -- but rather for not receiving the appropriate permissions.

The video appeared to be deleted from Rapoport's account.

Meanwhile the San Francisco 49ers became an official sponsor of the product in June, the report said.

According to the PFT article, the duration of the suspension was especially surprising given that league-affiliated media figures had served similar bans for far more serious infractions such as alleged sexual harassment.

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