Ross Tucker: I Have 'No Sympathy' For Guys Who Accidentally Fail PED Tests

Tucker spoke passionately about PEDs on Thursday's 'Home and Home'.
By , RADIO.COM Sports

ESPN's Jeff Passan published a piece Wednesday explaining how Major League Baseball has been forced to warn players that usage of "over-the-counter sexual-enhancement pills" could cause an accidental failed test for performance-enhancing drugs.

The piece drew some chuckles because of the nature of the topic. Of course, while some players unknowingly took these substances and failed tests by accident, some purposely took the drugs hoping to gain an advantage on the field.

Thursday, Ross Tucker of RADIO.COM Sports relayed a simple message in response to players across the sports landscape that deny knowingly taking PEDs - it's on you to monitor what goes into your body.

"I am amazed that these guys would take any drug, or put anything into their body without checking with the team first," Tucker said on Thursday's edition of "Home and Home."

"I gotta tell you, I have no sympathy. I was absolutely paranoid about ever testing positive for something, because no matter what you say [no one will believe you]. And maybe your friends and family are the only ones that really matter, and maybe they'll believe you. I just think that your reputation in life is very, very important. I take it really seriously."

New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate will be suspended for the first four games of the 2019 NFL season after he failed a PED test after he says he took a fertility drug. Tucker was perplexed in regards to how Tate, who is entering his 10th NFL season, was as careless with what substances entered his body.

Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan is currently in the appeals process for an impending four-game suspension for a substance he says he accidentally tested positive for. Lewan issued a tearful apology earlier this month, and shared his polygraph results after taking a lie detector in an attempt to prove his innocence.

But Tucker says whether Lewan knowingly or unknowingly took a banned substance isn't really the point.

"Taylor Lewan took a lie detector test to prove that he didn't actually take a steroid...that he didn't knowingly take it...that he just took a supplement - it doesn't matter," Tucker said. "Like 'OK man, we believe you, the lie detector said that you didn't knowingly take a steroid - OK.' Why are you taking a supplement that's not through the team? What are you doing?"