‘Everyone Will Sit Out and Not Play’: NFL Stars and Personalities React to Escrow Proposal


Does everyone remember how fun the salary negotiations were between the owners and the players in Major League Baseball over the past few months? Should we do it again, but this time with the NFL?

After weeks of negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA, commissioner Rob Manfred ultimately mandated a 60-game season. Different players are opting out for various reasons, though salary hasn't necessarily been named as a common factor as opposed to health and safety, but it's shown the significant disconnect between the two parties and the distrust (spoken about by Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine in the video above).

My teammate here at RADIO.COM Sports, John Healy, ranked the four major sports commissioners from best to worst, and the recent salary issues that plagued MLB acted as one of the factors that pushed Manfred to the very bottom slot on that list. But a new NFL proposal could bring about similar results for Roger Goodell, who, until two or three months ago, would almost certainly have been named the worst.

The news of the escrow proposal broke Tuesday evening, from NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, as he informed of the league's plan to hold 35% of player salaries in escrow to help with finances in case coronavirus makes a significant impact.

Revenue losses are going to be inevitable, and other sports have floated ideas about increasing the amount placed in escrow, including MLB and the NBA. The NFLPA's response was a crude one -- they practically told the league to 'kick rocks' -- but it gets the point across. And if the reaction of NFL players to the news is any indication, these proposals probably won't go over too well going forward.

Saints star wideout Michael Thomas was straight-forward in his analysis of the proposal.

Patrick Mahomes, who just signed the richest contract in sports history to become a half-billionaire, appeared to agree with Thomas in their disapproval of the idea, and Thomas explained his thinking further.

Though Mahomes and Thomas are both on extremely lucrative contracts right now, it wasn't only them who decided to express their disappointment, surprise and other emotions through social media.

Personalities from the RADIO.COM Sports team and its affiliates didn't like the fact that the NFL would attempt such a move.

Agents and analysts weighed in, too, largely taking the side of the players.

Even inactive players had to share their thoughts on the proposal.

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