NFL Week 15 Expert Picks


The 49ers-Saints clash saw a total of 94 points on the scoreboard, and it saw the majority of our expert panel at RADIO.COM Sports predict the correct outcome. Some exciting battles await in Week 15, as the Texans and Titans face off for a massive AFC South contest, and the Rams and the Cowboys look to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Here is how our experts think the Week 15 slate will turn out.

Expert Standings

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: 122-70-1, 63.2% (12-4)

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: 124-68-1, 64.2% (11-5)

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 102-59-1, 63.0% (9-7)

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: 85-60-1, 58.2% (7-9)

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 65-23, 73.9%* (10-6)

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: 117-62-1, 65.0% (10-6)

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: 114-65-1, 63.3% (9-7)

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: 113-66-1, 62.8% (10-6)

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson is the NFL MVP favorite. Photo credit (Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Ravens

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Ravens

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Ravens

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Ravens

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Ravens

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Ravens

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Ravens

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Ravens

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Patriots

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Patriots

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Patriots

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Patriots

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Patriots

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Patriots

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Patriots

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Buccaneers

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Buccaneers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Buccaneers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Buccaneers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Buccaneers

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Lions

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Lions

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Buccaneers

Ryan Tannehill and the Titans are trying to secure a playoff spot.
Ryan Tannehill and the Titans are trying to secure a playoff spot. Photo credit (Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Titans

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Titans

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Titans

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Texans

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Titans

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Titans

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Titans

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Texans

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Chiefs

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Chiefs

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Chiefs

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Chiefs

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Chiefs

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Chiefs

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Chiefs

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Chiefs

Miami Dolphins at New York Giants

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Dolphins

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Giants

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Dolphins

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Giants

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Dolphins

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Giants

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Dolphins

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Giants

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz and the Eagles are trying to win the NFC East. Photo credit (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Eagles

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Eagles

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Eagles

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Eagles

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Eagles

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Eagles

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Eagles

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Eagles

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Seahawks

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Seahawks

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Seahawks

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Seahawks

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Seahawks

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Seahawks

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Seahawks

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Seahawks

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Packers

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Packers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Packers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Packers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Packers

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Packers

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Packers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Packers

Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook is having a special season for the Vikings. Photo credit (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Vikings

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Vikings

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Vikings

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Vikings

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Vikings

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Vikings

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Vikings

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Raiders

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Raiders

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Jaguars

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Jaguars

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Raiders

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Raiders

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Raiders

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Raiders

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Cardinals

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Browns

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Browns

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Browns

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Browns

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Cardinals

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Cardinals

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Browns

The Rams are trying to push their way into the playoff picture.
The Rams are trying to push their way into the playoff picture. Photo credit (Harry How/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Rams

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Rams

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Rams

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Rams

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Rams

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Rams

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Rams

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Rams

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: 49ers

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: 49ers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 49ers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: 49ers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 49ers

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: 49ers

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: 49ers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: 49ers

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Bills

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Steelers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Bills

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Bills

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Bills

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Bills

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Steelers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Steelers

Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Saints

Ross Tucker, ‘Home & Home’ Co-Host: Saints

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Saints

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Saints

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Saints

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: Saints

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Saints

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Saints