WATCH: Philadelphia Man Roasts Nelson Agholor After Rescuing Babies From Fire


A Philadelphia man sprang into action early Monday morning to help rescue people from a fire, but that did not stop him from taking the time to deliver a burn on Eagles WR Nelson Agholor.

Hakim Law, a former firefighter, was walking down the street in West Philadelphia on Monday at 2 a.m. when he noticed flames coming from a second story apartment building window.

Law recounted what happened next to a CBS Philadelphia news crew, and did so in the most Philadelphia way possible: by mocking the Eagles’ most recent loss to the Detroit Lions.

“The firetruck was pulling up and, ironically, one of my old co-workers took the ladder off the truck and raised it up and start assisting people down,” he said. “My man just started throwing babies out the window. And we was catching them. Unlike Agholor.”

Law was referencing Agholor’s performance, in which he dropped two passes — including a crucial third-down — and also fumbled the ball.

The Eagles in total dropped seven passes during the game, a 27-24 loss to drop them to 1-2 on the season.

Agholor still had a solid day, catching two touchdown passes, but that was overshadowed by his butterfingers.

Clearly, no matter what’s going on in Philadelphia, the Eagles are always at the forefront of everyone’s mind.