Ezekiel Elliott's Pool Cleaner Sues Star Running Back Over Alleged Dog Attack: Report


Ezekiel Elliott is a huge dog person. His Rottweiler, Ace, is an extremely important part of his life and this is evident in a number of ways.

For one, if you're a follower of Zeke on any of his social accounts, you're sure to have come across a post where he mentions or shows off his beloved pup.

But if you haven't seen Ace there, maybe you've seen him on the star running back's skin himself.

Or maybe you remember when he proudly featured Ace on his cleats during 2016's "My Cause My Cleats" campaign.

But if none of these are ringing a bell, you're sure about to hear about Ace and his two other bulldogs (Deuce and Jack Jack) after a recent incident that has now developed into a legal case.

According to new court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, a pool cleaner who dropped by Zeke's house in March was "ambushed" by all three dogs, which Ace biting her arm and dragging her while Deuce and Jack Jack snapped at her legs. The woman claims that she felt "immense pain" and required surgery to fix her arm after an initial trip to the emergency room. The surgery hasn't helped much, apparently, but it's not only the physical pain but mental duress that this attack has brought on the woman that's making her sue.

It could end up costing Zeke a pretty penny, too: somewhere in between $200 grand and $1 million. According to Elliott's lawyer Frank Salzano, the Cowboys back "adamantly denies wrongdoing" and will "vigorously defend the lawsuit."

TMZ Sports also keenly observed an obvious link to fellow Cowboys star Dak Prescott, whose pit bull, Icon, reportedly bit off a woman's finger and attacked other dogs. There were also reports last year from another former NFC East star's dogs, when Trent Williams' dogs reportedly killed a neighbor's dog.

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