Report: NFL Could Hold Games on Saturday if College Football Canceled


Saturdays in the fall are college football days. Sundays are NFL game days. It's wired in every sports fan's head.

But like so many other aspects our the sports universe that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we may have to prepare to reconfigure our brains to think of both Saturday and Sunday as NFL game days.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, NFL officials have floated the option of moving some games to Saturdays to provide extra flexibility in the schedule if there is no college football season in 2020.

Marchand notes that the plan "is in its infancy as there are so many unpredictable factors", and those factors aren't very difficult to pick out.

It remains unclear whether or not college football will be played in 2020, as ESPN was told by multiple commissioners across the NCAA that campuses would need to be reopened first and foremost, which is obviously a decision that goes far beyond the scope of athletics. College athletes are not paid for their services and are students, whereas NFL players are working professionals, which may also come into play in making the final decision.

Still, there is no assumption here that one season will be played and the other will not, and that's the main factor in determining any course of action. It's equally as likely, if not more so, that neither league will be able to get going without widespread testing available. Though Dr. Anthony Fauci has acknowledged the fact that playing games without crowds could reasonably work in allowing the resumption of sports, he also recently said that many leagues may have to call off their seasons unless testing becomes widely available.

We will find out for sure if the NFL decides to include this flexibility in the schedule when it is released sometime in early May, with one league official giving a date by which it should be released.

If Saturday games are an option in the new schedule, it will be just one of many contingencies added to help navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. You can learn more about the other contingencies added here.

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