See 10 of the NFL's Most Insane Million-Dollar Mansions


Unexpected fallout from the 2020 NFL Draft was, ironically, to be expected given the unusual circumstances of the draft. We got to see CeeDee Lamb fall way down the board, a curious familial set up in Mike Vrabel's house, and even Bill Belichick's dog presumably checking out some scouting reports.

But one of my favorite secondary takeaways from the draft was the reveal of Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury's absolutely sick house. The world may never have been graced with the Arizona-based residence that stunned viewers and led us to vicariously imagine just how awesome the life of an NFL head coach can be.

It also got us wondering: are there any houses owned by NFL players, coaches or executives that top Kingsbury's pad? I'll show you what that deep internet rabbit hole revealed, but in short: yes, there are.

Here are 10 of the most insane multi-million-dollar mansions owned by notable NFL figures.

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Kliff Kingsbury's Desert Pad

What better place to start than with the mansion we got a glimpse of during the draft that blew all of our minds.

Kliff Kingsbury
An external view of Kliff Kingsbury's beautiful house. Photo credit USA Today

Everything is just so... perfect. And in order. It looks more like a piece of art to me than a place I could live without completely ruining how it looks. The mansion is over 7,000 square feet and was designed by Israeli architect Ilan Pivko, who is no stranger to such modern and innovative creations.

Kyle Shanahan's Natural Paradise

Sorry, Kliff, but this house is absolutely sick. I think this one takes the cake as far as NFC West coach residences go. You've got to check out the pictures, available here.

The exterior is covered in vines, making it look as though it's part of the natural world surrounding it. And that's just a prelude to the mini vineyard directly outside, complete with all the Tuscan vibes you could ask for. There's also a pizza oven that's part of the outside kitchen for all those pizza-and-beer summer nights that are perfect in the Cali hot season.

A bocce court, a full-length pool and a separate spa, open air rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and more make this 1.5-acre property one that makes me extremely jealous.

Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Mansion Rental, Built by Derek Jeter

One of the ways desperate and eager Tom Brady fans followed his 2020 offseason decision was by looking at his house search. New York was never expected to be a legitimate option, but where Brady ultimately settled in Tampa Bay has a unique New York connection.

That's because Derek Jeter, who could rival Tom Brady as the face of sports in the 2000s, custom-built this mansion.

Outside of the amenities listed above, the enormous property actually takes up not one, but three lots. Joe Maddon, former manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, jokingly suggested that the Rays could build a stadium there if it ever hit the open market. You can learn more about the house by watching the video featured at the top of this article.

Tom Brady Mansion
The waterfront view of Derek Jeter's custom-built mansion, where Tom Brady will stay. Photo credit USA Today
Tom Brady Mansion
A view of the mansion from the driveway. Photo credit USA Today

Jason Witten's Extraordinary Texas House - For Sale!

A fixture in Dallas after providing rock solid and consistent production for years as the Cowboys tight end, Witten is selling his longtime residence as he ventures to Las Vegas for a late-career second stint.

It's described as being inside a "gated, guarded community" that's "home to notables seeking a concierge lifestyle and freedom to socialize privately." Sounds quite fancy, does it not? The six-bed, six-bath, 9,000 square foot mansion features a guest house that probably makes my own dwelling look like a closet, a pool with an attached spa and self-cleaning system, and five fireplaces for when the desert cools off at night.

Read more about it at the official listing here.

Philip Rivers' San Diego Home - For Sale!

Given the size of Rivers' family, you knew his house had to be pretty spacious. Hopefully, Indianapolis provides a living situation similar to his last residence.

As expected, Rivers is heading out of his permanent residence in San Diego in order to embark on the next step of his NFL career as he settles in as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. In doing so, unfortunately, he has to sacrifice his six-bed, seven-bath, $4.2 million mansion with an oceanfront view, a sizable salt pool, an outdoor lounge area fitted with grills and a fireplace, an near 7,000 square foot indoor living space, and several more amenities.

You can read more about it and see pictures on the official listing.

Russell Wilson's Bellevue Mansion

Seven beds, seven baths, and over 10,000 square feet indicate that power couple Russell Wilson and Ciara are living the good life up in Washington. Wilson purchased the property in 2015 for $6.7 million, but the estimated value as it stands today is up over $2 million from that figure.

The listing details various features, such as a private waterfront, a poker room, a media room with "huge Tibetan doors" -- I'm getting Dalai Lama vibes -- and a massive wine cellar that holds around 2,000 bottles.

Here's the official listing filled with impressive photos.

Jerry Jones' Famous Dallas Dwelling

When your house is in the top-ten most expensive in one of the top-ten most populated states in the country, you know you're doing pretty well. But you didn't really need that "proof" to know that Jerry Jones is doing pretty well for himself. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought the pictures of the Cowboys dining at Jerry Jones house back in 2015 were taken at some five star hotel.

Still, his mansion is a sight to see. Over 14,000 square feet and sitting on over four acres of land, the Jones' residence features a two-story library, a ceiling decorated with Jerry's and his wife's zodiac signs, a pub room with two taps, a gigantic flat screen in the media room, a billiards room, a wine cellar with 1,300 bottles and a luxurious guest house that may very well have influenced Mike McCarthy's decision to join the Cowboys.

While the listing doesn't reveal much -- it's not for sale -- it does value the home at over $12 million. You can learn more about it through ESPN's phenomenal inside scoop on the life and mentality of Jerry.

Jeffrey Lurie and the Inwood in Wynewood

Rich people live in houses that have names. The Inwood is one example of this, stowed away in the Philadelphia mainline and boasting a few casual amenities. You know, like a golf course, a greenhouse, tennis courts, a bowling alley, a lap pool... the stuff everyone likes to have at their own house.

Pictures are elusive on this one, as it looks to be deeply fenced in upon a somewhat stalker-ish Google Maps dive. Lurie purchased the house for $14 million in 2007 and may have the one-up on division rival Jerry Jones in the house department. That's before you take Jerry's yacht into account, of course.

Peyton Manning's Massive Denver House

While Manning's second stint in Denver was a hugely beneficial move for many reasons, including the fact that he won a Super Bowl ring and broke multiple single-season passing records, his house is something that certainly can't be overlooked.

At over 16,000 square feet, the mansion contains seven beds and 10 baths. Seven bedrooms is an awful lot, but it makes sense given that the heated garage fits seven cars. There are elevators to move you between floors, because who knows how the old man's knees will be feeling in a few more years.

Some of the amenities are bordering on a tad excessive for my liking. A wet bar and fridge in the bathroom, with heated floors? Monumental closets with standalone center islands in each? A dog room, several fireplaces, separate media and billiards rooms? A backyard where the Broncos could probably practice in full with room to boot? No, seriously.

Why not, Peyton. You've earned it.

Big Ben's Big House - For Sale!

Can't afford a golf course? Get a state-of-the-art golf simulator instead! Though, in all likelihood, Big Ben could probably afford a golf course as well. That simulator is part of the package that comes with Roethlisberger's mansion, for sale as of last year.

A full look inside (and outside) reveals a modern interior, massive closets, a game room, multiple grandiose closets, a koi pond, a full basketball court, a large swimming pool with the number "7" at imprinted on the bottom and a slide leading from what we think is a kid's room into a more open hallway -- though perhaps Big Ben likes to slide out of his room to add some extra excitement to his day.

Honorable Mention: Cam Newton's 2017 Beverly Hills Rental

This one doesn't count, technically, as it's actually owned by Jared Pobre, who is married to former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler. But after seeing the decked out interior, the unreal outside and the breathtaking views of Southern California, it felt fair to include this listing... even if Cam Newton only stayed there for two months and was sued a hefty sum for trashing it. The house was on sale for $18.25 million a few years ago. You can check out pictures of it here.

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