Richard Sherman: Boycotting Games Won't 'Keep Police from Killing Black People’

By 95.7 The Game

Richard Sherman, the 49er defensive general and erudite captain, was asked about police brutality and the possibility of boycotting games on Thursday and provided a characteristically thorough and thoughtful response.

“In my personal opinion, I don’t see how missing a football game is gonna keep police from killing black people, unarmed black people,” Sherman said, via zoom. “I don’t see that as the solution. I wish I had a solution. I wish I had something to say right now to stop it.”

“I wish there was something I could say, right now, to stop it. I wish I could the bullets out of the people who were killed. I wish George Floyd was still here. I wish we could go back and train those officers better. I wish we could do something different. But we can’t.”

“And I think that’s where we need to find a better solution.”

Sherman and the 49ers open the season on Sunday, hosting the Cardinals at Levi’s Stadium.

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