New NFL Stadium Has Record-Breaking 2.2 Million Pound, 70,000 Square-Foot Video Screen


SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, home to the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, will debut when the NFL begins its 2020 season (barring further developments in the continuing COVID-19 outbreak) later this summer. The 70,000-seat venue isn’t ready to open its doors to fans yet (with the way things are headed, that may have to wait another year), but that didn’t stop SoFi Stadium from unveiling its gargantuan new videoboard on Wednesday.

Per an NFL press release, the 70,000-square foot spectacle is the largest in the history of sports. At 120 yards in length, the state-of-the-art LED screen is substantially longer than the stadium’s actual playing surface and 1.5 times wider. Good luck lifting the monolithic score display, which tips the scales at a ridiculous 2.2 million pounds. That’s the equivalent of 7,857 Joey Bosas. You could throw a hell of a party with a scoreboard that size. SoFi Stadium’s epic new videoboard, complete with 260 embedded speakers, boasts enough wattage to power up to 1,500 home theater systems.

There’s no such thing as subtlety in the NFL’s increasingly high-stakes videoboard arms race. Going by square footage, SoFi’s planet-sized structure has Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the previous record-holder for NFL scoreboard size (62,350 square feet), beat by a healthy margin. Bigger isn’t always better, but in this instance Jason Gannon—Managing Director of both SoFi Stadium and the surrounding Hollywood Park—believes that is certainly the case.

“The Samsung LED technology represented in the videoboard at SoFi Stadium is unlike anything fans have ever experienced,” said Gannon, who estimates the stadium is 97 percent complete. “The design, as well as the board's video and audio capabilities, are the first of their kind in sports and will set a new precedent for the in-stadium experience.”

While on-field expectations are relatively low for both the Rams and Chargers this season, neither of whom qualified for the playoffs in 2019, at least their new L.A. digs will be pretty sweet.

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