Sports writer 'can't stop farting' from Tom Brady's wacky diet


An intrepid sports writer is suffering for his craft.

CBS Sports scribe Pete Blackburn says he's tried his hand at eating healthy, Tom Brady-style -- and he isn't impressed by the results.

The questionable dietary program -- which eschews most carbohydrates, "nightshade" vegetables, MSG and coffee, for legumes, whole grains, roughage and a small percentage of lean meat -- left the writer feeling hungry, bloated, gassy, and frequently having to pee.

"Day 2 of the TB diet: I cannot stop farting," Blackburn announced Wednesday.

Brady, whose checkered history of endorsements includes hawking a dubious sports drink claiming to prevent and treat concussions, apparently calls for adherents of his plan to consume huge quantities of H-2-0 every day.

The superstar quarterback's recommendation is to drink half as much as your body weight in ounces every day, Blackburn explains. So someone weighing 150 pounds would drink 75 ounces of water per day.

Chugging all the water has left Blackburn feeling like he could be "popped like a water balloon."

Brady, the surefire future Hall of Famer, has long touted his TB12-branded regimen of dietary supplements, along with the diet, which he has credited for helping to keep him relatively fit and healthy well into his 40s.

Critics say Brady is cynically trading on his fame and longevity to make a quick buck.

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