Washington Football Team could keep name through 2021 season


There's a "pretty good chance" the Washington Football Team still goes by the same temporary moniker during the 2021 season, says Washington team president Jason Wright of the organization's search for a permanent name.

"Everybody needs to take a deep breath," Wright tells WJLA's Scott Abraham. "It’s not coming tomorrow."

"It’s a business decision," Wright explained. "We need to understand the market... but I think more importantly, it’s important to engage the fans and community substantively so that they know how the process is unfolding."

"So at this point, think of us like taking in the spray from a firehose," Wright said. "This is an ingestion period where we're taking in all the ideas -- wild outside-of-the-box ones, those that have coordinated, well-developed campaigns — you know who I'm talking to, y'all sets of fans out there — who are swarming in support of certain names and identities and brand ideas. We're taking all of that in and creating effectively like a database that's our starting point."

Wright went on to explain they're determining who should weigh in on the process.

"We do want this name and brand to represent the entire area, to represent the fanbase, but to also attract more folks to this fanbase," he said. "We want to grow this fanbase as part of the new identity."

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder has previously said he's open to keeping its current temporary moniker on a permanent basis, noting the only timeline the organization is adhering to in its name search is, "Our timeline is to get this right."

As for when the decision will ultimately be made, Wright doesn't have an immediate answer, at least not yet. Fans should be prepared, he says, for another season of the 'Washington Football Team.'

“I think next year is fast," Wright said. "Because of how the brand has to come together — through uniforms, through approval processes through the league and all that."

"So next year is fast, so there's a pretty good chance we will still be the Washington Football Team next season," he said. "We could get there quicker, but it’s actually pretty hard to get there that quickly because of all the steps that need to happen."

"That's definitely a viable option," he said.

Wright went on to explain the Washington Football Team remains an option because it's modeled after the popular European soccer name formula.

"I'm actually a European soccer fan," Wright said. "Most of the clubs — and my club, Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool FC it's just the name of the city — so it's very common for me to understand teams in that way and it's cool that it's caught on with folks.

"I think more than anything, what is really resonating is the clean, simplified look of the uniforms, and the W and all of that stuff, because that feels very quintessential. We're a classic football club. Like we go way back. And that classic look, there's something that feels right about that to everybody and so that's where I hear the most excitement and I'm glad folks are engaged on the current brand, too."

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