WATCH: Jets' Marcus Maye pulls off butt interception


Very little has gone right for New York football in general in 2020, especially for the Jets, but now, the franchise that brought you the “butt fumble” may have its first big defensive highlight of the year with...the butt interception!

Yes, that photo is Jets safety Marcus Maye finishing off a ridiculous interception of Ryan Fitzpatrick in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game in Miami by pressing the ball against his backside to secure it. Of course, as you’ll see in the video below, it came about because Maye had the ball bounce off his chest, then his hands, before using his derriere to finally secure the pick, but hey, he undercut Preston Williams’ route and made the grab either way.

Of course, the Jets being the Jets, the ridiculous play came with the team down 24-0 and well on their way to a sixth straight loss…oh, and the ensuing eight-play drive ended with Joe Flacco taking a 28-yard loss on a sack that knocked Gang Green out of field goal range.

But hey, it’s another tuchis turnover for the Jets’ highlight reel.

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