Wes Welker Shares His Golf Scouting Reports for Tom Brady and Peyton Manning


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are hitting the links this weekend for big bucks ($10 million for charity hangs in the balance) and Wes Welker has thoughts. Welker, a five-time Pro Bowler who currently serves as the 49ers’ wide receivers coach, has experience golfing with both Manning—his quarterback on the Denver Broncos—and Brady, who was under center for each of his six seasons with the New England Patriots.

Speaking with ESPN’s Mike Reiss earlier this week, Welker gave thorough scouting reports on each of his former QBs, portraying Manning as the more consistent of the two golfers. “Peyton is going be steady Eddie. He can shoot high 70s, but he’s probably more like a low-80s type guy,” Welker noted. “He may have a double every once in a while, but he’s going to be a par-bogey type of guy.”

While the Sheriff prefers an even-keel, no-frills brand of golf, Brady, at least in Welker’s estimation, is much more erratic. “When he’s not working on it, I mean, he sucks,” said Welker, who has witnessed the highs and lows of Brady’s game. “It can go either way.”

The former Patriots and Broncos receiver remembers one of Brady’s uglier performances, which occurred while the two were vacationing together in the Bahamas. “We were in the Bahamas. I think we had gotten to where we were betting $2,000 a hole,” Welker recalled. “We’re mother-effing each other, we’re this and that. Neither one of us could hit a shot. Guys are winning with like a triple-bogey. It was just like, ‘this is pitiful.’”

Brady may not be a model of consistency on the course, but when he’s on his game, Welker says watch out. “When he works at it, he’s a pretty good golfer. He can shoot mid to low 70s.”

Brady’s intensity on the gridiron, which has sometimes resulted in sideline blowups with teammates and coaches, is well-documented. Turns out, he’s just as fierce on the course as he is in the huddle. “If he starts hitting bad shots, it gets bad,” Welker said of the meltdown-prone Brady. “[His clubs] are getting either thrown or broken.”

When asked for his prediction, Welker seemed to lean in the direction of Manning. “Tom’s probably the better golfer but he hasn’t been playing as much, where I know Peyton’s probably been playing a lot,” Welker posited in a separate interview with Bleacher Report’s Cabbie Richards.

Welker, who estimated he’s probably played golf with Brady and Manning over 20 times each, thinks Sunday’s match at Medalist Golf Club in Florida—Tiger Woods’ home course—could prove challenging for all involved. “There are some greens that are really really tough,” warned Welker, who has played the course before. “You can lose a few balls around there.”

Welker’s last piece of advice for Brady and Manning?

“Look out for the gators.”

The Match, featuring Manning and Woods (the odds-on favorites) against Brady and Phil Mickelson, can be viewed Sunday at 3 PM ET on TNT. All proceeds for the event will benefit the coronavirus relief efforts.

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