Tom Brady, Dallas Cowboys QB? 'Into the Bradyverse' With Tiki Barber Explores Such a World

For the first time in Tom Brady’s illustrious career, the six-time Super Bowl champion is being linked to possibly playing for a team other than the New England Patriots.

It is strange to think of a world where Brady is not part of the Patriots, but RADIO.COM Sports explored what such a universe may look like with a new series, “Into the Bradyverse,” hosted by Tiki Barber.

In the first episode, Barber opens the doors to an alternate reality where Brady leaves the Patriots for the Dallas Cowboys, yet Jerry Jones does not want to pay Brady his exorbitant demand of $50 million.

Instead, Jones devises an unprecedented plan that changes the landscape of the NFL to secure Brady and build an all-time team around him.

But is it enough to get Jones one last Lombardi Trophy before his time passes?

Tune in above and find out just how Jones lures Brady and if it does indeed result in a Super Bowl for the Cowboys, or another playoff heartbreak.

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