Why Josh Allen believes he will face a fine from NFL


Josh Allen believes the next time he will be hit will be in the wallet.

During the Buffalo Bills quarterback’s four-touchdown performance against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday (five if you include his rushing TD), Allen had a couple of mishaps that may get him in trouble with the league.

Allen was assessed a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty after complaining to an official that he believed he was brought down by a horsecollar tackle. (He was, but because he was inside the pocket it was not illegal.) He was also penalized for a facemask trying to fend off a tackler.

But it was the former that Allen said he needs to be better.

“I can’t lose my cool,” Allen told Mike Florio of ProFootball Talk. “I used bad language that I shouldn’t use to a ref. …I’m sure I’ll get a nice little fine for that.”

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