Fans Cause Sports Earthquakes During MLS Cup Final


"Sounders" never seemed like a more appropriate name for Seattle's MLS franchise than on Sunday.

Sunday, the Seattle Sounders defeated Toronto FC 3-1 to win their second MLS Cup in franchise history. The three goals - which were scored by Kelvin Leerdam, Victor Rodriguez and Raul Ruidiaz, respectively - caused fans at CenturyLink Field to cheer so loudly that they created a sports earthquake, according to Pacific Northwest Seismic Network:

At the same stadium, then-Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch caused another sports earthquake with his "Beastquake" run in an upset win over the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card Round of the 2011 NFL playoffs. There was another sports earthquake when the Seahawks blew out the Saints in Week 13 of the 2013 NFL season on Monday Night Football.

Paul Greisemer, one of the designers of CenturyLink Field, explained in 2014 why the stadium, which is home to both the Sounders and Seahawks, is so consistently loud.

"Well, it was built to be a great home field advantage," Greisemer said. "The fact that it is loud is really kind of a result of a number of things that came about just through the design. It's on a very small site, comparatively to other stadiums, and because of that we had to compress the building very tightly. Fans are closer to the field than they are in most any NFL stadium today. So that combined with the desire to have a large roof covering, so fans are protected, really kind of combined the greatest of convergence of storms into a great environment."

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