NFL Divisional Round betting recap: Kansas City Chiefs burn public bettors again


The NFL Divisional Round is over and while public sides like the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit, it was still a profitable weekend for sportsbooks.

“It was a very good weekend for the book as all 4 games went our way,” Thomas Gable, Sportsbook Director of The Borgata, stated. “A lot of people were parlaying the Packers and the Ravens together or teasing them, so with the Bills winning like they did, that knocked out a lot of liability that had been built up on Baltimore.”

Patrick Eichner, Director of Communications for PointsBet, echoed Gable’s sentiments, but pointed towards totals being the reason for their winning weekend.

“The Packers covering had the weekend off to a slow start,” Eichner said. “But, PointsBet won on totals in three of the four games and fairly balanced handle in the Ravens-Bills, Browns-Chiefs and Buccaneers-Saints led to an overall favorable weekend for the book.”

As Eichner stated, the Packers rolling was their worst result for the weekend.

When it comes to Browns-Chiefs, a ton of late money showed up before kickoff, pushing the line down from Chiefs -10 to 7.5 at most books.

“On Sunday, the public continued to wager on Kansas City despite them not covering a spread in months and were willing to lay double-digits, Gable said. “But, you saw respected money come in on Cleveland, which pushed that number down towards kickoff and once again Kansas City left the public holding the bag by not covering.”

Other NFL Nuggets

Various oddsmakers told me that the Buccaneers-Saints game on Sunday was the most heavily bet game of the weekend for multiple sportsbooks.

Eichner stated that a notable win at PointsBet came from a bettor who placed a $5,400 PointsBetting Wager on Bills -3.5 vs. Ravens. Pointsbetting is based on the number of points by which the team, in this instance the Bills, covers the spread. Buffalo covered the spread by 11.5 points, and thus, the bettor won a net $56,700.

Notable Winning Big Bets at BetMGM
$110K to win $100K on Bills -2.5
$120K to win $100K on Packers -6.5
$200K to win $166,667 on Buccaneers +3


After the Brooklyn Nets acquired James Harden, they jumped ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks as favorites to win the Eastern Conference. Currently the Nets’ title odds sit at +300 at DraftKings, which seems to be close to where they are priced at several books. At this time, only the Los Angeles Lakers have better title odds (+250).

"The Nets moved from +600 to +300,” Gable stated. “They are going to be a tough out in the playoffs if everyone remains healthy but there are teams in their own division that can give them trouble (PHI + BOS)."

One thing is for sure, the trade just made the NBA Playoffs a lot more interesting.