NFL Championship betting Twitter: "I bet my house on my favorite player, Aaron Fraudgers"


NFL Championship Sunday has come and gone and the action on the field was accompanied by plenty of reaction on Twitter. Gamblers looking to win big before the Super Bowl took to social media in droves to express both their joy and dismay.

From bad beats, to big bets, to the major payouts, here are some of the best and most notable tweets from the sports betting world during the NFC and AFC Championship Games.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers put on one heck of a show in the Bucs' 31-26 win. And bettors were in for an absolute roller coaster ride. Many knew they should never bet against Tom Brady, but some realized this lesson too late.

Bettors in Virginia exercised their new freedom to gamble on sports.

This sounds intense. Aaron Fraudgers out here destroying lives.

Packers bettors had some optimism at halftime.

But here is an update:

Some were quite conflicted by the end.

Ed Teach is something to behold. The man who bet the Bucs to win the Super Bowl on the opening line at 65-1.

It was a rough night for Buffalo Bills bettors who dared to bet against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

Some of the bets had higher stakes than others.

And here is sports betting, betting Twitter, and Twitter in general all wrapped in a nutshell: