2020 Study Finds Packers, Pats, Saints Have Most Passionate Fans in US Sports


After reading the latest study published on Forbes, I'm surprised that I haven't heard about more extreme reactions to the Packers' draft pick of Jordan Love and the rumors brewing surrounding Aaron Rodgers' potential eventual departure from Green Bay.

That's because, based on research done on sports teams' ticket sales, TV ratings and more, Forbes has decided that Packers fans reign supreme in terms of the most passionate United States sports fans. The study evaluated each and every one of the 123 teams that make up the Big Four US Sports leagues.

The Packers sit on top of the list, as Forbes author Christina Settimi cites the season-ticket waiting list that's currently some 137,000-names long. The fact that the Packers are also divvied up between over 350,000 fans and shareholders is also presented, making them the only publicly-owned major-league professional team in the United States. Additionally, Kalyn Kahler notes that you don't profit off of the shares you buy, you can't own too many shares based on restrictions, and the price of a single stock is pretty darn expensive. Owning a stock of this team just means that you're immensely loyal to the organization, and that seems to be common up in Green Bay.

Following the Packers are the Patriots, which will probably be surprising to several Boston fans. It remains to be seen how many fans will be able to maintain the same passion without Tom Brady in town, but we wouldn't be surprised if they're even more fiery in order to compensate for a rare potential down year for the Patriots. The Saints, Steelers, and Eagles round out the top five teams.

Sixth is the Seahawks and their 12th man, and it isn't until slot number seven that we finally break outside of the NFL and find the Golden State Warriors. Though the organization has developed the reputation of boasting several "bandwagon" fans -- a "bandwagon release" form was issued by diehard fans following what was a rough start to the 2019 season, and the late Kobe Bryant once made a similar jab -- they've proven to have the largest and most dedicated NBA following based on Forbes' research.

If you've ever watched an Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game, with the electric blue filling the entire arena, you'll understand how they're ranked directly behind the Warriors as the eighth most passionate fan base. The Penguins are the first NHL team at number nine, and Settimi makes a good point that Sidney Crosby's presence definitely helps to bolster those merchandise sales. The only other player I can think would have a similar effect in today's game would be Alex Ovechkin, but the Penguins have three Stanley Cup victories over the past 15 years, as compared to just one for the Capitals.

It isn't until slot 10 that we find our first MLB team... and no, it's not the Yankees. Even more to the chagrin of Yankees fans, it's actually the Red Sox who take this position, making Boston the home of two top-ten fan bases (along with Pittsburgh) and supplying them with even more ammunition to use against their dastardly AL East rivals.

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