WATCH: Tom Brady Silences Critics With Shot of 'The Match,' Then Splits Pants


For six holes on Sunday, Tom Brady was just like the rest of us.

He struggled finding the fairway and spent most of his time in the woods looking for his ball as he quickly became the butt of all jokes on Twitter.

Yet, on the seventh hole Brady silenced all his critics, particularly Charles Barkley.

Brady, in a rare moment where he was actually on the fairway, was getting the business from Barkley in his earpiece when the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback found the hole from well over 100 yards out to birdie.

“Shut your mouth, Chuck,” Brady said. “Take some of that medicine.”

In addition to silencing Barkley and his social media critics, Brady also got Brooks Koepka to make a sizeable donation toward COVID-19 relief, which is what the spirit of the tournament was about.

Koepka had tweeted earlier that if Brady were to make par on the front nine, he would donate $100,000 out of his pocket.

The 2019 PGA Championship winner called in and joked that he still technically didn't hit par, and said he would be willing to put up another $100,000.

Brady’s moment in the sun did not last too long, though.

When he went to retrieve his ball from the hole, he split his pants right down the middle, and Brady returned to be, quite literally, the butt of jokes again for the day.

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