Conor McGregor Caught on Video Punching Man at Bar

By , RADIO.COM Sports

Conor McGregor was caught on video punching a man at a local bar in Ireland.

TMZ Sports obtained a video of the 31-year-old UFC fighter ending a disagreement with a patron at a bar in his native Ireland by punching him in the face. The reason? Well, without audio, it's hard to say exactly. But the video suggests that the fight started when the unidentified man turned down McGregor's offer to buy shots for everyone at the bar.

McGregor is the founder of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, which the report suggests he was buying.

Per TMZ, this incident took place in April, so there's no indication that McGregor will face any legal repercussions for this incident. However, the optics of a trained fighter punching a man that appears to be at least 50 years old are about as bad as you can get.

If this did take place in April, it came a month after McGregor was arrested in Miami for destroying a man's phone after he tried to take a picture with him.