Watch Steph Curry and His Daughters Sing Rendition of 'Hamilton' in Car

Steph Curry’s daughters, Riley and Ryan, have never been shy in front of the cameras, taking over postgame press conferences with their adorableness in the past.

Now, the Curry trio appear to be taking over YouTube.

The Golden State Warriors guard has a new YouTube series, “Life, Lived,” with his production company, Unanimous Media and Inifiniti, and in the first episode the Curry family cuteness is back on display.

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Steph is giving a peak behind the curtain into his other job, being a father, by taking Riley and Ryan, ages 7 and 4, respectively, out for a surprise car ride.

The girls begin cracking jokes on the way before Steph starts to turn up the music in the car. Soon enough they all begin belting out the tune to “You’ll Be Back” from the Broadway play “Hamilton.”

The three immediately dive right into the song, not missing a beat.

“Uh oh, it’s that ‘Hamilton.’ Ryan, you know the words, right?” Steph asks his youngest daughter.

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The singing takes a brief break when the three-time NBA Finals champion finally arrives at the surprise destination for the girls, which is to get ice cream, of course.

While eating their ice cream in the backseat (none for Steph) the three resume the end of the song for a grand finish all while avoiding making a mess.

Not all the Curry’s were present for the first episode, though.

Steph’s wife, Ayeesha, did not make the trip, electing to stay home with their one-year-old son, Canon W. Jack.

Surely, there will be more cuteness on display when the whole family gets involved.