Party Continues for Women's National Soccer Team with Donut Floaties on Rooftop Pool

You just won the Women’s World Cup and came home an international champion. What’s next?

How about lounging on donut floaties on a rooftop pool in Manhattan? That’s what co-captain Alex Morgan and midfielder Kelley O’Hara of the US Women’s National Soccer Team did.

The team was spotted last night at the James Hotel in New York, taking a splash in Jimmy, the hotel’s 18th-floor pool lounge.

A post on Morgan’s Instagram showed her and her teammate taking advantage of the warm weather on their first day back from France.

It’s not surprising that the squad is keeping the party going by pool and by yacht. They’ve had a busy summer so far, leading up to Sunday’s 2-0 victory against the Netherlands, the team’s fourth title in the cup’s eight-tournament history.

The post-victory festivities have been well-documented in a non-ending series of social media posts bursting with slaphappy joy you’d expect from a team that just won a big game. The immediacy of the clips makes the victory lap infectious and relatable -- your favorite soccer champions even use Huji just like you.

Will there be an end to the celebrations? Things might slow down a little after this morning’s ticker tape parade in lower Manhattan. But watching the party is pretty fun, so hopefully not.