Report: Keke Coutee out with ankle injury

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Photo credit Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images
By SportsRadio 610

GREEN BAY (SportsRadio 610) - Houston Texans wide receiver, Keke Coutee, was injured and carted off to the locker room with an ankle injury.

Coutee suffered an ankle injury following an 11-yard catch with 13:58 left in the second quarter. 

The Coutee replay. Not for the squeamish.

— Rivers McCown (@riversmccown) August 9, 2019

Coutee tweeted during the game, then later deleted, that the injury was a "minor setback, nothing major!!!"

Keke Coutee tweeted and then deleted: "Y'all can say what y'all want to behind this screen, but y'all never spent a day in my shoes. Minor setback, nothing major!!!" #Texans

— SportsRadio 610 (@SportsRadio610) August 9, 2019