Vince Young says "Feeling better than ever."

By SportsRadio 610
HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) - Life after football hasn't been the easiest for Vince Young but the former quarterback is working on 'enjoying life, growing up, and becoming a man.'

Young joined SportsRadio 610's In The Loop on Friday and explained how he's dissecting his past to clean himself up.

"When you have people every day in your life and pretty much anybody reports what they want to report. Nobody wants to come straight to the source, which is me," said Young. "Nobody wants to talk to me That’s why you never see me say anything in the media. It’s just b.s. because you’re not doing your diligence and finding out what’s really going on. All the stuff that happened in the past, it took me a while because I had to go dissect that and clean it up myself. It couldn’t be no one else do it. It couldn’t be my agent, it couldn’t be my mom, it couldn’t be my wife – it couldn’t be none of those people. It had to be Vince Young to go do it. I can tell anybody that is going through anything in life as an athlete, the only way for this stuff to get better is you go do it.'

Recently celebrating four months sober, Young said that drinking wasn't the real reason he went to rehab.

"A lot of people don’t know I went to rehab. A lot of people think I went to rehab for drinking. No, I went to rehab to hit the reset button. I’m sick and tired. I’m tired! Sometimes you get tired," Young explained. "If you don’t get better for yourself and you don’t take it one day at a time or you just don’t worry about - today as July 28th, you just worry about today. Everything else you’ve got going on, behind you, in front of you, stop worrying about all that. "

But what made Young realize that he needed help?

"It took me to get some rest. I’ve been moving around since I left my mom’s house. I had an opportunity to get around some people and some mentors who I really love who said, ‘Hey Vince, you might just have to get away for a month and a half or two months and just kind of focus on Vince’. Because one of the things that I do, I’m always about everybody else but Vince. And if you’re not right, then you can’t be that performance to anybody else," said Young.

Young blames no one but himself for his setbacks in life and hopes to help future football players avoid those situations. 

"Everything happens for a reason, to me. A lot of time, a lot of people don’t want to own up. There’s a lot of people who had to do with the situation I went through as well. But I’m the only guy that’s on the radio or TV saying, ‘Hey that was my fault because I worked with those guys’. I own up to my mistakes, any time. I don’t have a problem with that because there’s no one in this world that’s perfect. But in the same time, I tell these younger guys and people I have the opportunity to be around, ‘Hey man, before you step on that football field, you have to make sure that everything off the field is your liking. If you don’t do that, then that’s when these situations occur.'

"I was exposed to a lot of stuff I wasn’t prepared for. My entire family wasn’t," Young explained. "We were trusting people to look out for us and represent us like they were supposed to but they didn’t. They were more about themselves and they got caught up in the fame for their damn self."

But what about his relationship with the University of Texas?

"It’s ok, man. We’re getting there," said Young. "I want all my UT fans to know that I still love you guys and I appreciate you guys support because ya’ll have done a lot of things behind us that I really do appreciate for my self as well as my family."

Young is also making an impact in the community with hosting little league and middle school football teams for 24 team - unofficial scrimmage this fall. For more information about Vince Young's Football Jamboree, text VY to 713713 or visit