Heyman: No Surprise Astros Players Go Unpunished

By SportsRadio 610

One of the notable pieces of the Astros sign-stealing scandal is how much it was player driven, as Major League Baseball's findings suggest.

So far, the manager, general manager and organization as a whole are paying the consequences. 

A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were fired just after it was announced they'd be suspended for the entire 2020 season. 

The Astros, just two seasons removed from winning the 2017 World Series, lost draft picks and $5 million on top of it. 

Fans are expecting former bench coach Alex Cora to suffer a similar consequence as the current manager of the Boston Red Sox, who won the World Series in 2018. 

Carlos Beltran, who played his final season with the Astros in 2017 and was recently hired to manage the New York Mets, might not be punished at all.

RADIO.com MLB insider Jon Heyman joined Clint Stoerner and Wade Smith on Monday to help talk this one out.

Heyman's not surprised players weren't punished, due to the strength of their union.

That made it easier to punish Luhnow and Hinch, the orchestrator and architect of what seemed to be a baseball dynasty brewing in Houston.

Hinch, according to the findings, went out of his way to damage two of the screens being used in the cheating. He may not have gone far enough.

Here's what Heyman had to say about it:

"Seems like the manager was in a tough spot here. ... It did say that A.J. Hinch didn't do enough to stop things but it noted on two occasions that he damaged the TVs that were being used. That seems to send a clear signal that he wasn't in favor it. He certainly was not somebody who initiated it. It appears it was at the Cora and the player level. But he takes some responsibility. Again, he does not have the union protection  He is the one in charge and that is how they divided it.

"To me, it seems a little tough for him but going in, you know he doesn’t have union protection and the players do. It’s kind of funny Beltran is mentioned in here rather prominently and goes unpunished. I think the union plays a role. They may not put it that way. … We just shouldn’t be shocked that the players were unpunished but it’s funny to see Beltran’s name mentioned so prominently in there and he gets off with nothing." 

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