Michael Irvin: Texans Can Go To Super Bowl With Healthy Will Fuller, Kenny Stills

By SportsRadio 610

Hall of Famer Michael Irvin believes in the Houston Texans.

He's been saying since the preseason that the Texans are ready to take the next step to become a championship winning franchise, even if it's hard for us to see locally.  

Irvin, a RADIO.com NFL insider, was on SportsRadio 610 Friday afternoon making this point. He said a significant part of that success is the health of wide receivers Will Fuller V and Kenny Stills.

Both dealt with hamstring injuries, which cost them games this season.

But both were on the field in last Sunday's win against the Titans, with Stills catching two touchdown passes from Deshaun Watson.

"They give you the big plays. It's so hard to matchup when those two are on the football field," Irvin told Clint Stoerner and Wade Smith.

"The Houston Texans can play with anybody and go all the way to the Super Bowl as long as they have Will Fuller and Kenny Stills healthy to give some help on the offense, and not put all of it on DeAndre Hopkins."

Wade asked Irvin about investing in Fuller long term, and The Playmaker had this to say:

"I don't want him leaving the building. But I want him while he's in the building to pay more attention to whatever he needs to do to keep his hamstrings working and on the football field. I think they're great compliments. Both of these guys can run. Both of them are good at getting the ball over the top. And then DeAndre Hopkins is good all over the football field. 

"It makes it hard to double and focus on DeAndre Hopkins because you have the propensity to give up such a big play, when those other guys are home run hitters. ... So yeah, I'm going to invest in him. I've just got to make sure I'm not just investing money in him, I'm also investing some time in him to make sure he alleviates this hamstring issue."

Irvin also talked about the possibility of J.J. Watt returning from his torn pectoral injury, and how the Texans can actually take that next step to become champions.