No Changes Made To Astros Front Office After 'Codebreaker' Revelations

By SportsRadio 610
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (SportsRadio610) -- The two Astros front office staff members mentioned in a Wall Street Journal story detailing how the Astros began stealing signs are still employed by the team and it is unclear whether that will change.

Astros owner Jim Crane said he has reviewed the baseball operations staff and there will be changes, but he did not specify or elaborate.

Tom Koch-Weser and Derek Vigoa were both named by the Wall Street Journal as people who corresponded with now fired general manager Jeff Luhnow about "Codebreaker," the technology used to decode opposing pitchers' and catchers' signs.

Koch-Weser, the director of advanced information, was photographed by the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday driving onto the West Palm Beach spring training facility. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, he emailed Luhnow about "the dark arts sign-stealing department" and "the system" on multiple occasions. Koch-Weser is the main reason the commissioner's report from January suggests Luhnow knew more about the scheme than he's let on.

Derek Vigoa, who was the intern in 2016 who presented Codebreaker to Luhnow on a Powerpoint presentation, is now the director of team operations.

Neither Crane nor recently hired general manager James Click would say whether they should remain on staff.

“I’ve had time to review (baseball ops) and there will be some changes in there," Crane said. "As the commissioner said, he wasn’t going to hold the lower level people accountable, along with the players. I agree with that, but we are reviewing baseball operations.”

Click described his time with the Astros as "a whirlwind." He's taking time to get to know the staff before making decisions about who keeps their jobs.

"I think any new GM coming in would want to take a full view of the baseball operations staff, the whole staff, and figure how we take the awesome people we have here and maximize them and put them in the right position for all of us to succeed," Click said. "It’s something that’s definitely on the front-burner for me. Right now, we’ve got to get spring training started. We’ve got to get the players what they need. We’ve got to get Dusty what he needs, but that’s something that I’m looking forward to talking about with the staff.

"I’ve just gotten here. It’s my first week. I want to get to know people. I want to get to know the entire staff and figure out what we can do to put this organization in the best position going forward."

When asked how to maintain the front office's success while also addressing the issues at hand, Click said it was all about trust.

"Coming in, I need this group to trust me. I know that I trust them," Click said. "That takes time. It just takes openness and honesty and being very forthright with people. But it’s all about trust and building that trust. That creates the team. And when you have that team, that’s when you have the culture of ‘we’ and not ‘I’.”

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