Texans Defense Could Get More Creative With Safety Justin Reid

By SportsRadio 610
(SportsRadio 610) -- No defensive coordinator ever comes in and says they are going to be more passive and reactive. 

The narrative almost always touches on being more aggressive when a new system is instituted. 

Texans safety Justin Reid talked specifically about why that may actually be the case with Anthony Weaver entering his first season as defensive coordinator. 

Reid credited Weaver's experience as a player and coach in different schemes, having been mentored by the likes of Urban Meyer and Rex Ryan before coaching the Texans' defensive line since 2016.

"He knows how to speak to everyone in the building, has the respect of everyone in the building," Reid told Patti Smith on the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority's Q'D UP series. "I'm really excited about what he brings to us as a defensive coordinator, just because of the new schemes he's putting in to put guys in different positions. But also allowing us to just make more plays. That's kind of been more of the theme, is we want to make more plays, take the ball away, get more picks.

"And he's really driving that home and has been doing an awesome job communicating with the rest of his coaches on the defensive side of the ball on how we're going to do our new schemes in order to create new opportunities. I'm really excited about it. I think that he is perfect for the job."

It's not that the Texans were never aggressive last season, and they actually blitzed more than average. When they would bring linebackers and safeties in pressure, it wouldn't seem like it was done in an exotic or creative way. 

That's why you hear so much of this buzzword "exotic."

Weaver might end up being more creative about things. When you hear Reid talk, it seems like he's probably had more conversations with Weaver about how to use him. It's going to be more creatively.

If you go back to Rex Ryan's defenses, he liked to have his safeties stalking the line of scrimmage, then bailing out into deep coverage. Or, coming from deep on a blitz to jump routes, allowing them a lot of opportunities to essentially be land mines in the defense.

Justin Reid is a smart guy who's entering his third season in the league. The Texans can treat him like a Navy Seal, popping up out of swamps with these wild looks, and really wreak havoc on offenses. 

That's exciting for someone like Reid, who has figured out playing the safety position.

Maybe the Texans start doing a lot of the stuff they wish was done when Tyrann Mathieu played here. Just have him line up all over the place, be very creative, disguise a lot, and then you can have some fun. 

The Texans are capable of having a top 10 defense. But last season, they seemed to fall apart without J.J. Watt and struggled to rush the passer.

To be an elite defense, they need far more playmaking than what they produced in 2019. 

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