Pendergast: Are The Texans Being Punished For The Astros' Misdeeds?

By SportsRadio 610
(SportsRadio 610) -- You don’t have to get very far in the Texans' 2020 schedule before you ask yourself, ‘Are the Texans somehow getting punished for something the Astros did?’

Look at the first month of the season! Holy cow!

The two best teams in football are the first two opponents for the newfangled Bill O’Brien offense.

The Texans could start the season 0-4.

There’s opportunity, too, so we’ll see. But there will be no middle ground after the first month.

People will either be in on Bill O’Brien, or they will be standing at the gates of NRG, ready to drive him to the airport.Other observations:- The league doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in the Texans as a primetime team. They have no Monday night games on this schedule. They have no Sunday night games on this schedule either. That’s very strange to me for a team that has Deshaun Watson as their quarterback.- The two NFC North road games are an interesting placement on the schedule. Detroit is a Thanksgiving day game, so that’s a reprisal of what happened in 2012. And then they do get one really cold-weather game in Chicago on Dec. 13 against the Bears.- I still think it’s a 9-7 team, but boy they’re likely going to have to be very resilient in the second half of the schedule to get there. ​

#Texans open season on the road against Kansas City Chiefs and then at home against the Baltimore Ravens.Find the complete schedule here: #nflschedulerelease

— SportsRadio 610 (@SportsRadio610) May 7, 2020