Pendergast Classic Rewind: Revisiting Andre Johnson Beating Cortland Finnegan's Skull

By SportsRadio 610
(SportsRadio 610) -- I think you can tell a lot about the mood this pandemic has us all in by the choice all of you Texans fans made for the second edition of the Pendergast Classic Rewind last Friday.

You didn’t want to re-celebrate the first ever playoff clinching win.

You didn’t want to relive the first start of Deshaun Watson’s career.No, you wanted to go back down memory lane and have me rewind to the day that Andre Johnson turned Cortland Finnegan’s skull into a speed back.

November 18, 2010 was the date, and the Texans were in the middle of what had become a lost season, carrying a four-game losing streak into NRG Stadium that afternoon. They would snap the losing streak in a 20-0 win behind some elite performances from the likes of Arian Foster (147 yards rushing), Brian Cushing (four tackles for loss), and Glover Quin (three picks).But it was the battle between Finnegan and Johnson that wound up with both guys getting an early shower that people still, to this day, talk about. If you want a full, high definition video feed of the game,'s GamePass function has it, or you can watch a YouTube upload here:

Once everyone focused on the TV, it turned into raucous cheers for Andre and boos for the villainous Finnegan.

To this day, I wonder if Finnegan ever thought he would provoke Andre Johnson to THAT level of rage, and if he knew it would go like that, would he have poked the bear as much as he did. I mean, Andre embarrassed him. To this day, when people think of Finnegan, I have to imagine they picture him with dents in his head.Keep an eye out on my Twitter feed for the poll to choose a game for me to rewind in classic fashion next week!

It’s going down tomorrow ... #PendergastClassicRewind post on the Texans 2010 win over the Titans. Ok, more like @johnson80’s TKO of Cortland Finnegan. Here are my #Pendernotes from the rewatch today! Be on the lookout Friday!

— Sean Pendergast (@SeanTPendergast) April 23, 2020

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