Do the Alligator Gar

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Photo credit Captain Mickey
By SportsRadio 610

Richard Tatsch: Talks the update to the CCA STAR leaderboard in the trout division, trout reproduce while hybrids don't, the hybrids will bite for a little while then they turn off, catching 5in fish on a 10in worm, mid life crisis stuff, and only a 250! How catfish will use banks and structure to survive during the summer, their spawning habits on Conroe, memories with Dad on Lake Livingston, messing with them tuna, why you line matters!


Charlie Paradowski: Talks the water clarity this week so far, fishing the surf, some folks sinking their boat in the choppy waves, respect the gulf, loose nut behind the steering wheel theory, got to use your head, bull sharks doing the alligator gar, man made disasters.