Black Jack

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Photo credit Captain Mickey
By SportsRadio 610

Glenn Hammond: Quite crowded around the island yesterday, where did they go, people coming out of the woodwork, Mercedes with fishing rods, had a nice father/daughter trip on Friday, taking care of the seagulls!


Tony Gonzalez: Had a nice family trip this past week, banana stories from this week, reaching out there for some trout, the importance of staying hydrated out on the water, triple tail body coming out of the water, wasn't quite as hot on thursday, water has been pretty and green, stuck a 7.5 lb Gaftop, reds saving the day!


Jeff Naylor: State record black jack caught this week, and a sweet blue marlin too! The week before was a fight during the billfish tournament, the AJ's are biting like crazy, might need to replace his back from being wore out, finally got some Mahi action going, gonna be super tired, bubt getting a day off tomorrow, some great motors!