230 Gallons Later

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Photo credit Captain Mickey
By SportsRadio 610

Mike Jeffcoat: Sends his thoughts and prayers to Tex Bonin's family, the best bite has been the flounder bite, there's a houdini trick going on with the trout, balls of bait and slicks in the river, 230 gallons later, some rain coming down out in the gulf, unbelievable how many pogge's there are, they will beat you alive!

Sharky Marquez: Calm water the past couple days has been really nice, there's a lot of life in the system following Hannah, Cobia and Kings are doing pretty well this week, hooking up on a Barbie Pole. 

James Plaag: A little golf talk, worked a school of tarpon for seven miles, y'all go take a break, better put that fish in the boat or I'll do it for you!