Sex injuries

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Photo credit Captain Mickey
By SportsRadio 610

Steve Hillman: Gonna be a little tardy this morning, had to see a man about a dog, been one of those mornings, wade fished until 4pm yesterday, tricking the fish to eat, its just tough right now, very little current yesterday, fish must be feeding the night before, the scent of the lil jon has a big reason why it gets so many bites, like a crab on a chicken neck, the kind of rod and reel matters when the bite is light!


Cliff Webb: The beach fishing is smoking hot, fish are 10 feet from the shore, good healthy 20+ inch trout, sharks getting hungry ready to throw back trout, when the surf is calm and there is little noise on the beachfront the fish are closeby, fishing injury is like a sex injury both fun but bad, mosquitoes will suck the blood out of your eyes, what are you gonna do...keep half a snook? The new 13 Fishing Concept Reels are oh so durable, remembering the old tackle days!


Harry Detane: Says somebody got out of the high fence. how the conditions of the lake have been lately, seeing some exotics this week, maybe we should make that a hunting lease?