George Springer Out Of Astros’ Lineup As Precaution

By SportsRadio 610

(SportsRadio 610) -- Astros outfielder George Springer is out of the Astros’ lineup Monday night at Seattle as a precaution to avoid injury, manager Dusty Baker said.

The Astros’ leadoff hitter put in a brilliant performance Sunday against the Diamondbacks at Minute Maid Park. Springer homered twice, inside and outside the park.

Baker said it was Springer’s base-running that put him at risk, according to analytics the team uses from StatCast. Springer was at even higher risk than when Bregman suffered a strained hamstring running bases in Colorado.

The Astros manager said Springer is not injured, but was “extremely high risk today.”

“We really can’t afford to have Springer out for any extended period of time. So I figured today we give him off to work on his legs, some maintenance on his legs. He beat out an infield single. He did a lot of running in the outfield. And then that inside the park home run, it really took it out of him.

“The StatCast data is new to me and new to baseball. It’s pretty accurate. We decided today would be the day. … You take a chance today of him not being in the lineup, or you take a chance of losing him 10 days or more if he ends up being injured. … We can’t take a chance.”

Baker admitted it can be difficult to convince a player like Springer to sit out when he’s not injured.

“It’s real tough but I had a long talk with George and it was my call,” Baker said. “He’ll go out there like most warriors will and limp out there. But I have to take care of him sometimes if he won’t take care of himself. I heard that (former manager A.J. Hinch) did the same thing for him a lot of times.

“He wants to go out there.”

Springer, who turned 31 on Saturday, may have played his final game at Minute Maid Park. He is a free agent after this season, and will be one of the best players on the market.