Chiefs color analyst: Eric Bieniemy’s personality would appeal to Deshaun Watson

By SportsRadio 610

(SportsRadio 610) -- While the Texans are interviewing some coaching candidates this week for a second time, there still is a chance they could take another look at Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

The Texans are conducting in-person interviews with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and Ravens wide receivers coach David Culley. Bieniemy cannot yet interview in-person with the Chiefs advancing to the Super Bowl, but they could still do it virtually some time in the next couple of weeks.

Chiefs radio color analyst Danan Hughes joined Clint Stoerner and “The Show” on Monday to share some insight on Bieniemy.

Hughes spoke about how Bieniemy could help repair the team’s relationship with disgruntled franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“I don’t think you hold out this long if you’re the Houston Texans unless you have two things in mind. One, you’re super concerned about the Deshaun Watson situation and hoping that the person that you can get to be the head coach is somebody that can talk Deshaun off the ledge. And two, the person who would be first in line to probably do that, especially given some of the names that have been thrown around for the Texans’ job, to me that would make it abundantly clear it would be Eric Bieniemy, based on Deshaun’s conversations with Patrick Mahomes, based on wanting I would assume somebody with an offensive mindset in that position.

“And then, based on EB’s personality, his approach, what all players are saying about him, somebody he can trust and feel like this person is gonna shoot me straight, one-on-one, because that’s not what he’s gotten from the ownership thus far.

“I don’t understand you can continue having that job lingering, unless you are having it linger for a specific person who happens to still be going toward a Super Bowl. So I think it all makes sense. I think it’s a perfect place where Eric Bieniemy could be a leader of men there.”

Hughes also spoke on what he believes is an unfair criticism of the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. There is a perception that Bieniemy contributes less as an OC and play-caller, because he’s coaching alongside the great Andy Reid.

But to Hughes, that’s dismissive to Bieniemy as a leader and collaborator.

“At some point, these owners have to realize getting football guys in there, leaders like Eric Bieniemy, is the smart direction for their organization. I just feel like he’s been overlooked. I think some of the criticism that Eric Bieniemy gets were not criticisms that Doug Pederson got, Matt Nagy got, other coaches and coordinators have gotten that have been around greatness like Andy Reid.

“I think it’s unjustified and it’s about time some organization, hopefully since the Houston Texans are the only ones left, that their organization steps up and recognizes it and makes the change.”

As for what Bieniemy most brings to the table, Hughes said it’s realness to players.

“Just being real. As a player in that locker room, you hear all of the coach speak, you know all of the cliches. You know how to handle media, what to say, what not to say. You’ve been around guys that do that, and moderate what they say and play their cards close to the vest. But when you watch and you listen to Eric Bieniemy, you don’t see that. You just see a dude that’s willing to stand out for you.”

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