Deshaun Watson taking sacks at lowest rate of Texans career

By SportsRadio 610

(SportsRadio 610) -- When Deshaun Watson's had time to throw, the Texans quarterback has been electric.

Interim head coach Romeo Crennel talks about it all the time, how keeping Watson upright is key to these standout performances.

But not only is Watson taking sacks at the lowest rate of his career, as pointed out by Aaron Reiss at The Athletic, but he's been phenomenal at picking apart defenses by throwing quickly.

Watson has only been sacked on 7.2 percent of his dropbacks and his numbers when throwing in 2.5 seconds or less: 73 percent completion rate; 7.7 yards per attempt; 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

“Well, he’s been able to escape quite a bit," Crennel said Monday. "He’s got a nice feel for where the pressure’s coming from, where the openings are that he can get to, to give himself a chance to get rid of the ball or to run. I think that’s been the biggest thing.”

Crennel's seen Watson develop in realizing when to improvise, when to extend plays and when to simply get rid of the ball.

"Sometimes you get a good rusher on the other side or somebody slips and falls and now he’s got pressure in his face," Crennel said. "He feels the pressure, then he has to get himself time and so he has to try to escape. In doing that, sometimes you escape to throw and sometimes you escape to run. I think that basically he escapes to throw, but when he has to run, he runs. And he’s a pretty good runner.”