Deshaun Watson tweets another cryptic Future lyric as trade speculation continues

By SportsRadio 610

(SportsRadio 610) -- For the second time in less than a week, Deshaun Watson appears to be communicating his feelings through cryptic tweets quoting the musical artist Future.

Watson has been in New York City the past few days, appearing for promotional events and Monday night at a Brooklyn Nets game. The trip has been chronicled on the star quarterback's Instagram page, where he originally posted the photo featured in Tuesday's tweet.

"I been trying to have some patience, I told my momma she should pray on it," Watson tweeted Tuesday morning, quoting Future's "Codeine Crazy."

Last Friday, Watson tweeted "I was on 2 then took it to 10," quoting Future's collaboration with Zaytoven and echoing a previous report by ESPN's Adam Schefter describing the quarterback's frustration with the franchise.

Take a moment to appreciate this also likely means Watson, or people close to him, are leaking hip hop song lyrics to convey his feelings.

That's funny no matter what you're rooting for in all of this.

The question to ask here is, what's calling Watson's patience?

Is he patiently waiting for an apology from Cal McNair for not communicating with him about hiring general manager Nick Caserio? Is he waiting for the Texans to see the writing on the wall and trade him to a team of his liking?

Time will tell, but for Texans fans, you might want to pray on it.