Even Titans' A.J. Brown was unsure if he made fourth-quarter TD catch

By SportsRadio 610

(SportsRadio 610) -- The touchdown catch to eventually send the Texans-Titans game into overtime could have gone either way.

Tennessee pulled off a nine-play, 76-yard scoring drive in just 1:46 to tie the game.

When others thought maybe Ryan Tannehill was spiking the ball at the Texans’ seven-yard line with just seconds left to play, the Titans’ quarterback tossed it high to wide receiver A.J. Brown in the corner of the end zone.

Brown caught it, and the play was ruled a touchdown on the field. But on review, it was unclear whether his right knee went out of bounds before his left foot tapped inbounds.

Even Brown, himself, was unsure.

“That play, when he called the call I knew it was coming to me,” Brown said after the game. “Just make sure I secure the catch and make sure I try to get my feet down. And to be honest, I didn't feel my left foot come down. I was kind of nervous, but like I said, I thought my shin or knee was down, so I made it close, but next time I most definitely would double tap my feet.”

After review, the ruling on the field stood as called, but was not confirmed.

Texans safety Justin Reid said he was disappointed in the call.

“Especially seeing the replay with his knee being out of bounds,” Reid said. “But when it's that close and you leave it up to the officials, you might not always get the result that you want. So it's just a disappointing ending to the game.”