Randall Cobb: Texans’ Offensive Urgency Needs Improvement

By SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- Wide receiver Randall Cobb was not pleased with his first performance in a Texans uniform.

It’s understandable, considering Cobb did not stand out on the game film until after the game was out of hand in the fourth quarter.

Cobb likened his play to preseason action, and said the Texans offense needs to play with more urgency when they face the Ravens at NRG Stadium on Sunday.

“Every game, especially right now, is important as far as us getting on track,” Cobb said during a Zoom conference call Thursday. “Having a win obviously builds a lot more morale around the team. We can’t go out and play like we did on Thursday night (against the Chiefs). That’s bad ball. That was bad ball across the board and we can’t put that on film because that’s the film we’re putting out for the rest of the league to see. We’ve got to be better as a group and individually, myself. I hope to get involved a little bit more earlier and do everything I can to help put us in a better position.”

Cobb was absent from the stat sheet at halftime of the Chiefs game and finished with two catches on three targets for 23 yards

For his own part, Cobb said he didn’t cover the ball very well and focused in practice this week on taking steps toward the ball carrier when the ball doesn’t come to him.

Overall, there has to be more urgency with this offense.

The first-half offensive pace ranked 10th in the league, but curiously dropped to 18th in the second half, when the Texans trailed by 17 points or more.

“I think the urgency offensively as far as us understanding the importance of every single drive,” Cobb said. “I think we only had eight drives in the game and on the first third down, we went from third-and-5 to third-and-10 because we had a pre-snap penalty. Understanding that when we put ourselves in those positions early in the game, it makes it hard on yourself when the other team is scoring points. We’ve got to make sure we stay on the field and have longer drives and continue to move the chains.

“That comes pretty much down to staying ahead of the sticks, not hurting ourselves with penalties, having positive gains on first and second downs so you’re giving yourself third and short, third and medium, third and makeable pretty much, and finding ways to stay on the field.”