Texans defensive coordinator describes embarrassment midway through season

By SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- It’s difficult to drown out the noise when the Texans are as bad as they have been, particularly on defense.

The team is 1-6 at the bye week, with trade rumors surrounding their top players.

Even interim head coach Romeo Crennel acknowledged Monday there are trade possibilities of which he’s been informed.

For defensive coach Anthony Weaver, who was a defensive lineman for the Texans in 2008 the last time they started a season 0-4, part of the job is keeping players from feeding into the negativity.

“I'm just preaching to these guys about not letting the negativity destroy their resolve,” Weaver said Tuesday during a Zoom press conference. “What happens in these situations, having been on both sides of this coin now, is as players, you're embarrassed obviously to be here. You go out and you're hearing all your coaches stink. On the coaches' side, you hear your players stink and all these things. What I tell those guys is we can't buy into that. We can't complain. We can't play the blame game, we can't get defensive. Because the second we do, we're making each and every one of those people right and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I tell them all to stay onboard, to fight for one another, stay together, because we're all we got. I think as long as I can continue to convey that to them and preach that to them we'll get just that. Those guys will fight and stay together.”

Only the Dallas Cowboys have given up more rushing yards than the Texans. Both pro football teams in the state are giving up a league-high 5.2 yards per carry.

They are joined by the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals as the only teams to give up nine runs of 20 yards or more.

The pass defense is only slightly better. Only five teams give up more yards per pass attempt than the Texans.

“This season, there's been so many obstacles obviously,” Weaver said. “Then when you make all the sacrifices that these guys have made, all the sacrifices that the coaches have made both in their time and just their work ethic, what they're trying to do. When you don't see the results, there's obviously frustration involved. But this group of men was brought together because we were smart, tough and dependable. I told these guys we can't be tough when things are going right.

“We have to be tough, particularly mentally tough, in this situation right here. I get it. It's a dire situation. We all realize that. I still have faith and believe in the character and the work ethic of the men in the room. If there was a group of men that could right the ship, have the ability to turn it around, it's these guys we're with right now.”