Texans RB David Johnson is in his own head

By SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- David Johnson is pressing.

He knows his play is not up to standard. He understands the Texans need more out of him for the offense’s recent success to be sustainable.

And while Johnson said he did not pay a lot of attention to trade rumors surrounding the team, he’s a focal point of this 1-5 experience.

Bill O’Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for Johnson, a second-round pick and a fourth-round swap. Part of his logic was that Johnson has been a productive, three-down back who just needed a change of scenery.

But Johnson can admit that he has not performed up to his own expectations.

“I need to do better,” Johnson said Friday during a Zoom conference with media members. “I need to run the ball better, catch the ball, protect better. I’ve had some flashes of good plays, but overall I think I’ve missed a couple of opportunities.”

But why?

Johnson said he feels fine, physically. He has good communication with the coaching staff, which has defended him at every turn.

Johnson explained Friday that sometimes when things are not going well, he gets in his own head and sometimes lacks patience.

“I try so hard to do all of the above where I could just be more relaxed and be patient and let the runs come to me,” Johnson said.

Johnson has 350 rushing yards on 87 carries for four yards per carry. His rushing total is 17th in the league.

The Texans’ rushing offense ranks 23rd in DVOA. Only two teams have gained fewer yards than the Texans.