Texans safety A.J. Moore faces twin brother, Lions safety C.J. Moore, for first time on Thanksgiving Day

By SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- For the first time in their football careers, Texans safety A.J. Moore and Lions safety C.J. Moore will be on opposite sidelines.

The identical twins anchored the secondary at Ole Miss after becoming high school football stars in Mississippi.

Now, both as undrafted free agents, have found homes in Houston and Detroit, respectively.

This is a moment the Moore brothers have been looking forward to nearly their entire lives, ever since the put on shoulder pads and helmets as kids.

The self-described country boys from Bassfield, Mississippi have been competing against each other at everything since the beginning.

Who could eat the most food, clean their room the best, and backyard battles with their first set of pads at 5 years old.

“I mean, just the national television part, Thanksgiving Day, that just pretty much is the icing on the cake," A.J. Moore said Monday. "It really doesn’t get any better than that. Just for us to go out there and do something that we love and to be able to put on for our family, our town, for ourselves, it just means the world to us.”

They won't be able to share much time together, if any at all, away from the field. That comes with the COVID-19 restrictions.

The jersey swap will also be different. They might get a picture on the field, but equipment managers from both teams will have to engineer the exchange once everything is cleaned and sanitized.

Most importantly, they will share the field. And A.J. Moore still has that desire to beat his brother.

Playing the same position, they won't compete much at the same time. But this is going to be a game within a game.

“Get ready," A.J. said of the message to C.J. "Get ready because I’m not cutting the slack. I’m coming at him full – I’m ready. I’m definitely ready to go out there and crush him.”