Wild Card Weekend funniest tweets: Steelers’ collapse creates betting chaos


The NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend has come and gone and the action on the field, as always, was accompanied by plenty of reaction on Twitter. Gamblers looking to cash in on the first bit of playoff action took to social media to express both their joy and dismay.

From bad beats, to big bets, to the major payouts, here are some of the best and most notable tweets from the sports betting world during Wild Card Weekend.

The New Orleans Saints-Chicago Bears game airing on Nickelodeon gave bettors the chance to relive their childhoods while sweating out their picks.

When you realize you didn’t do all your research before placing a bet:

Some bettors had an unfortunate time after the Baltimore Ravens toppled the Tennessee Titans.

Mad bets equal Twitter entertainment from one of our very own in this disclaimer.

Triple your bets responsibly, folks.

And there was this, which turned out to be a brilliant move if ever there was one.

Because the Pittsburgh Steelers fell WAY behind early to the Cleveland Browns and it was utter mayhem.