Worst betting bad beats in Super Bowl history


The Super Bowl. It’s the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl has betting odds on every facet of the game, and it is not immune to bad beats all over the board.

The beats go two ways also. Bettors and sportsbooks alike can get crushed on results. One of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history, the New York Giants dethroning the 18-0 New England Patriots, was a huge loss for books.

A ton of action came in on the New York moneyline hours ahead of the game and many books were on the hook for a huge payout after Big Blue pulled the upset.

That being said, here are a few bad beats to get you ready for what could come next Sunday. Hopefully, you avoid anything as painful as these awful betting beats.

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Super Bowl XXXIV: Tennessee Titans (+7, O/U 45) vs. St. Louis Rams

Arguably the most dramatic Super Bowl finish ever had both the spread and total undecided going into the final play. The Titans were driving to tie the game with nearly no time left against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV.

With the score 23-16 and sitting on a +7 ticket, a push was all but secured, but it was the last game of the season, so no one wanted to tie.

On top of that, with the total sitting at 45, a potential game tying touchdown would secure at least a push on the total (who knows if Titans coach Jeff Fisher would have gone for two had they scored).

Kevin Dyson could not reach far enough -- mainly due to the incredible tackle by Mike Jones -- to give Titans, their backers, and over bettors the glory.

Final Score: Rams 23 (P -7), Titans 16 (U 45).

Super Bowl XLI: Chicago Bears (+7, O/U 47) vs. Indianapolis Colts 

This ending was an over bettors nightmare. It was 29-17 with 1:49 left and the Colts faced a 4th-and-6 at the Chicago 17. A 34 yard field goal would have sent the game over and put a stamp on the Indy victory.

However, there was a rain storm for most of the contest that made the field slick. The weather played a role earlier as Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri missed a 36 yarder. While a field goal would've made it a 15-point game, the Colts were cool with staying up 12. Peyton Manning handed the ball off and the Colts turned it over on downs.

What seemed like a meaningless play to most watching, meant a whole lot to people who bet the over on the game! A field goal try would have pushed the game over the total and sent them home happy.

There’s no video on this one, but it would be nice if we had a compilation of people screaming at Tony Dungy to take the points instead of going for it across the country.

Final Score: Colts 29 (-7), Bears 17 (U 47)

Super Bowl XLIII: Arizona Cardinals (First half +3) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

As a Cardinals first half bettor, you were in pretty good shape. You were sitting on a push, and with 18 seconds left, the team you bet on had the ball at the opponent’s two yard line with 18 seconds left. The only way to lose is a turnover going the other way for a historic touchdown.

And then...

That hurts. Imagine one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history and you are on the wrong end of it. To add insult to injury, there was a debate on if Harrison even crossed the end zone before being tackled. Of course, the call stood and the Steelers took a 10-point lead into halftime.

First Half Score: Steelers 17 (-3), Cardinals 7

Super Bowl XLIX: Seattle Seahawks (+1, O/U 47.5) vs. New England Patriots

This line shifted throughout game week with each team being favored, but no matter what number you got, the result still stings if you bet Seattle.

After one of the forgotten great plays in Super Bowl history, Jermaine Kearse’s acrobatic 33-yard catch, the Seahawks were set up with a first-and-goal with just over a minute left. After a Marshawn Lynch run inside the one and the clock running, this seemed all but over.

Most observers expected Beast Mode to get another carry at the goal line. However, Seahawks offensive coordinator xxx had other ideas. The Seahawks decided to throw the ball instead.

Malcolm Butler made one of the most incredible plays of all time, jumping the route on a Russell Wilson pass and picking the ball off.

The Patriots won by four. Sports betting wasn’t as big back then as it is today, but that amount of money that one play swung was monumental.

Final Score: Patriots 28 (-1), Seahawks 24 (O 47.5)

Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons (+3, O/U 57.5) vs New England Patriots

With 8:31 left in the third quarter, the Atlanta Falcons had built a 28-3 lead on the New England Patriots, and were on cruise control towards the franchise’s first Super Bowl win. ESPN’s win probability calculator gave Atlanta a 99.4% chance of winning.

Bettors sitting on Falcons +3 or an under 57.5 bet should have been feeling great at this point. But then, Brady and the Patriots rattled off 25 unanswered in regulation, including a pair of two-point conversions.

The under was crushed in the fourth quarter behind New England’s 19-point outburst, but Falcons +3 was still alive as the game went to overtime.

Of course, the Pats won the coin toss and moved down the field with ease to score a touchdown.

Game over, Pats win 34-28, covering the -3 in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Final Score: Patriots 34 (-3), Falcons 28 (O 57.5)

Super Bowl LIIV: San Francisco 49ers (+1, 54.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes over 36.5 rushing yards

Some props may slip through the cracks, but as gambling becomes more widespread, it feels like every year we are going to see some wild beats like this one.

Throughout Super Bowl week, Mahomes’ over rushing yard prop was getting slammed. After opening at 27.5 yards, the rushing yard prop closed at 36.5.

In the fourth quarter, the Kansas City quarterback went over the total and bettors celebrated. He had 44 yards on the ground, going over on all numbers.

Not so fast.

The Chiefs went up 11 with 57 seconds left, but the 49ers still had two timeouts left. To burn off the excess time, instead of taking a knee, Mahomes ran backwards on three straight plays, losing 15 yards on the final drive. He ended with 29 rushing yards.


Final Score: Chiefs 31 (-1), 49ers 20 (U 54.5)

Reed is a native of New Jersey and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a die-hard Brooklyn Nets fan and always believes the spread has a chance of covering. You can follow Reed on twitter @ReedWallach for more commentary