Believe in Ohio is Working to Create a “Culture of Innovation” in Ohio High Schools

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By Star 102

Believe in Ohio is a free program collaboratively developed by The Ohio Academy of Science and Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio. Believe in Ohio’s personalized, student-centered learning experience allows students to explore their own areas of interest and teaches them how to commercialize solutions to problems by developing a STEM Commercialization Plan or STEM Business Plan.

Teachers are granted the flexibility to have their students develop their STEM Plans based on what works for them and their classroom schedule. Teachers may have their students do their plans during their fall semester or spring semester, or over the course of the entire school year.

Local high school competitions are run by teachers who apply the Believe in Ohio standards, rules, and grading/judging rubrics, with local judges being recruited by the participating teachers. Depending on the number of student plans completed within each school, Believe in Ohio will provide from $300 to $2,500 in funding for student competition awards.

Believe in Ohio provides free curriculum and a comprehensive array of teacher and student support materials, instruction booklets, STEM Plan templates and a network of regional STEM Advocates to help teachers implement the program. Listen to the interview below to hear more in depth information on Believe in Ohio. If you are interested in adding the program to your school, you can find more information at